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One of the most common annoyances of modern man is a poorly functioning WiFi connection. Especially now that more and more devices are becoming connected and it only gets busier in the ether, it can do no harm to take a good look at your current equipment and weigh up whether it pays to replace it. Whether a stand alone router is enough or whether it is better to buy a multi-room wifi system and which you should get, you can read in this buyer's guide.

At Hardware.Info we publish extensive reviews and comparison tests of routers and multi-room WiFi systems and of course we will continue to do so. However, it can also be nice to get a more compact overview on the basis of which you can say which device is the best buy at the moment. For this purpose we have created this buyer's guide, in which we tell you which of the routers we have tested are the best. We determine this primarily on the basis of performance and price; for example, if you want to know more about issues such as software, connections and design, please use the various relevant links you will find in this article.

Readers, let us hear from you!

Since we are working with a relatively new concept here, we would like to hear from you as a reader what you think of this buyer's guide in general, but also specifically what could be done differently or better. We will look closely at any points for improvement that have been suggested and, if possible, apply them in future buyer's guides.

Finally: there is no publication in the Netherlands that tests as many routers as extensively as Hardware.Info, but we have not tested all available routers either. In addition, the move to Amsterdam last year forced us to work with a new test setup. We therefore do not pretend to have the absolute truth, but give a purchase advice based on the test data that we currently have at our disposal.

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A comparison table of all routers and multi-room WiFi systems that we have tested on the current test setup (first 50)
(remaining  16)

For those who want to know more about the client side of the story; wifi performance of smartphones analysed


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