Asus ProArt PA32UC-K review: first 4K HDR-monitor with real local dimming

Ultimate monitor with extremely bright backlight


Brightness and contrast: SDR, without local dimming

We first measured the brightness and contrast of the PA32UC-K with the screen in standard mode and turned off the local dimming, to get an idea of the native contrast of the LCD panel. We test the screen using sdr test patterns - on the next page we measure the screen in hdr mode.

As usual, we first look at the brightness of the screen. The maximum brightness that we measure with the standard settings ends up at 304 cd/m². This is quite a bit lower than the specified maximum brightness of 400 cd/m², possibly because of the calibration. Nevertheless, it is more than enough for most circumstances. If you set the brightness to '0', the brightness of white will be 34.9 cd/m², which is low enough for comfortable viewing in all but the darkest areas.

  • Max. brightness white
  • Min. brightness white

When we change the brightness of white to 150 cd/m² on all monitors, the black value ends up at 0.2 cd/m². This is not exactly good: the PA32UC has second to-last score in this graph. The fact that the monitor achieves an average score in the second test is the result of the slightly lower maximum brightness.

  • Brightness black 150 cd/
  • Brightness black max.

If you divide the brightness of white by the brightness of black, you arrive at the contrast. The black value of the PA32UC is relatively high which explains the low contrast. We assume that the moderate score of 785:1 can be explained by the extensive calibration possibilities of the panel; normally speaking ips-panels score around 1000:1. The two highest scoring models in this graph use a va-panel, which generally offer a substantially higher contrast in comparison with ips-panels.

In the case of the PA32UC, there are two mitigating circumstances at play. First of all, the somewhat lower contrast value does not matter all that much for the professionals that Asus targets with this product. Second, as stated before, the monitor has a local dimming backlight to boost contrast. On the next page we will look at how much this feature can compensate for the modest native contrast value of the LCD panel.

  • Contrast 150 cd/m²
  • Checkerboard contrast
  • Contrast max. brightness


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Asus ProArt PA32UC-K

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