17 32-inch QHD monitors review: Big size, nice pixels

Surprisingly high quality for surprisingly low prices



In terms of uniformity, most VA monitors also do the best, only the Samsung C32H711Q does not really stand out positively. The AOC Agon AG322QCX has the best white uniformity.

  • Lowest compared to highest white
  • Average compared to highest white

Black uniformity is less important with standard panels, because large percentage deviations are not visible in practice as clouding or backlight bleeding. The situation with IPS is different and the Iiyama XB3270QS does not look great here. As long as you don't work with it in the dark, it's not an issue, you're often looking at a black screen in the dark, so it's better to choose a different model. The other screens are mostly fine, although the percentages sometimes seem to show differently.

  • Lowest compared to highest black
  • Average compared to highest black

More detailed measurements can be found on the individual pages of the models in this test and on the product pages. Please note that the colouring of the boxes for the uniformity of black, white and contrast is related to the results of the partial measurements on the respective model, and not to absolute values.

  • For tests of the depth of black, the lower the measure value the better (greener graph), the higher – the worse (redder graph).
  • For white, the colour coding is different, as we set the screens to a specific brightness of 150 cd/m². So, the closer it comes to the “true white” the greener value graph and the further away – the redder the graph.
  • In contrast results, the highest contrast is green and the lowest is red. Anything in between will be coloured closer to the corresponding polarity colour. The relative value for good contrast is 1702:1, but if the result is 2581:1, the first value will become red instead.
  • In the colour temperature tests, the values are marked blue if they are too low and yellow if they are too high.
  • Additionally, the colour deviation: here we show tables with DeltaE value, where the value of 3 is almost visible to the naked eye and the colour of the box shows which colour the greyscale leans towards.

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