7 Multi-room wifi systems tested: a hot mesh

Mesh is nice when it works, but no universal solution


Engenius EnMesh

Engenius sent us a triple pack EnMesh EMR3000, which you will find in our Price Comparison for an average price of258 pounds / 295 euros, although you can also find the set for four tenners less. A loose node can be found there for an average price of 113 pounds / 129 euros. The EMR3000 set consists of three interchangeable AC1200 nodes offering a total Wi-Fi speed of 1167 Mbit/s, distributed over 300 Mbit/s at 2.4 GHz and 867 Mbit/s at 5 GHz. There is no wireless dedicated backhaul available.

The performance of the Enginius EnMesh set is disappointing across the board.

EnGenius also adheres to a simple and neutral design. The units are cylindrical in shape and white with the brand name on top. Viewed from that angle there is, under the brand name, a piece taken from the edge of the housing with a LED in that place. At the very opposite end of the housing there is a small hole in which a reset button is located. Below we find two mounting holes for wall suspension, a dedicated WAN and LAN port, as well as a power supply slot and a USB 2.0 port.

Like ASUS, EnGenius offers its users a fully-fledged app and web interface, with a variety of options for customising the network. It is striking that the app - which is required for the installation of the network - supports multiple languages, while the web interface can only be used in English. The interface looks deceptively simple with a white background, black text and blue accents, making it easy to use. Unfortunately, responsiveness is not always easy, but ultimately we are mostly satisfied with EnGenius' software.

When we look at the test results of the EnGenius mesh set, we see little reason to celebrate. The system is the worst performing participant in the test field in four areas and does not balance this with a single podium spot. EnMesh can only achieve reasonable speeds of 291 Mbit/s and 222 Mbit/s respectively for the connection between node 1 and laptop 1. In all other areas, the speeds remain well below 100 Mbit/s.   

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