7 Multi-room wifi systems tested: a hot mesh

Mesh is nice when it works, but no universal solution


Ubiquiti AmpliFi

The last of the seven participants we will discuss is Ubiquiti's AmpliFi system. This mesh-system has a total theoretical Wi-Fi speed of 1750 Mbit/s, consisting of 450 Mbit/s at 2.4 GHz and 1300 Mbit/s at 5 GHz. The dual-band router does not have a wireless dedicated backhaul, but it does have onboard mu-mimo support. The AmpliFi system, consisting of a base station and two satellites, costs an average of 293 pounds / 335 euros according to our price comparison. The base station is also for sale separately, on average you'll have lost 125 pounds / 143 euros.

Ubiquiti's AmpliFi system is not doing badly by a long shot, but it falls just short of being amazing.

The design of the AmpliFi system is absolutely distinctive. The base station is a kind of square box with a round touch screen at the front and a LED light strip at the bottom that runs around the device. The corners of AmpliFi are skilfully rounded and on top of the box is the Ubiquiti logo. Satellite nodes also carry the logo and appear most like flattened antennas on a traditional router.

At the back of the router we find no less than four separate Ethernet ports and a dedicated WAN port, all neatly finished with metal plating. For the power supply there is a USB-c connection and those who like to connect a USB stick can go to the USB 2.0 port. When installing the AmpliFi system, you can control the WAN settings via a web interface, but after that moment you only use the Ubiquiti app. The app has extensive possibilities to set everything up to your liking and offers both an installation wizard and support for the multiple languages.

The performance of Ubiquiti's AmpliFi system is not bad at all. The device takes a stage spot in four parts - once gold, twice silver and a bronze slice - and nowhere does it end up as the last. Ultimately this set is the best of the rest based on its price-performance ratio, but is nevertheless not exceptional.

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