D-Link DIR-895L review: speed maniac

Tri-band and MU-MIMO, 802.11ac at its best



At a time when living room-worthy multi-room wifi solutions are becoming more and more popular, we thought it would be nice to review a classic router. The choice for the D-Link DIR-895L was quickly made.

D-Link DIR-895L
D-Link DIR-895L

D-Link, based in Taipei, is a household name in the world of routers. The manufacturer is known for the distinctive design that it gives to some of its routers. If you take a closer look at the D-Link range, you will find everything from the modestly designed DIR-878 to the cylindrical DIR-868L to the eccentric DIR-869. The D-Link DIR-895L we are discussing here is completely in line with the latter in terms of design and looks very similar to the DIR-885L.

The breakthrough of multi-room WiFi systems (mesh) goes hand in hand with a design trend that mainly results in neutral, homely products. As is well known, at Hardware.Info we try to limit ourselves as much as possible to measurable matters and to avoid the swamp of personal preferences. In this way, we make as few statements as possible about outward appearances, but you will agree with us that in this case that is almost impossible. The D-Link DIR-895L seems to have been designed as a statement rather than to be one with your living room interior. Well, that's no problem for a lot of hardware enthusiasts; but we can imagine that many a significant other does not overflow with enthusiasm to give the 895L a prominent place in the living room.

Anyone who succeeds in obtaining the required permission from his or her partner will get back an animal of a router in terms of technology. A combined speed of more than 5000 Mbit/s, tri-band and MU-MIMO is just a selection from the list of qualities the 895L can boast about. In addition, the advanced end user can customize the interface to their heart's content thanks to DD-WRT support. There is a price tag attached to that. If you are looking for a new router and you want to buy the D-Link DIR895L you will have to pay about 318 pounds / 359 euros according to our price comparison. 

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D-Link DIR-895L

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