Fractal Design Meshify C Mini review: Small(er) but just as good!

Compact Micro-ATX chassis with serious cooling capacity



Half a year ago, Fractal Design introduced the Meshify C, a compact atx chassis designed to deliver optimum cooling performance at a reasonable price. Today this chassis gets a little brother in the shape of Fractal Design Meshify C Mini TG, with the same design and appearance, but then intended for micro-atx motherboards. 

In our review of the Meshify C we praised the case for its good cooling performance and low noise production. With its recommended price of £70 / €90, the Meshify is also very well priced. The new Meshify C Mini has exactly the same recommended price of £70 / €90. In this case, you get a chassis which is four centimetres lower for your money. It is just a tad too small to accommodate a 36 cm radiator though. 

That raises the question, are there other differences and will we find the new Mini as pleasing as the original Meshify C. We tested the Meshify C Mini in the variant that has “TG Dark Tint” as a suffix, referring to the dark tinted tempered glass side panel. However, the housing will also be available with a closed metal side panel.

Fractal Design Meshify C Mini TG Dark Tint Black

In the comparison

We compare the Meshify C Mini with other micro-atx cases with a maximum capacity of 40 litres. The large Meshify C can also be found in the test results, because we are curious to know what the performance differences are between the two. Another model that has our special attention is the Fractal Design Define Mini C (£75 / €88), a chassis with a different front panel, but (almost) the same interior as the Meshify C Mini. Also, the Phantek’s Eclipse P300 (£50 / €60) and the NZXT H400i (£130 / €139) are respectively affordable and luxurious competitors that we previously tested with positive results.

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Fractal Design Meshify C Mini TG Dark Tint Black

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