Gaming headsets review: Head, set, go!

12 gaming headsets put to the test



For most gamers, a headset is as crucial as a decent mouse. The market has also discovered that, as supply is enormous. We dove into the 80-120 euro segment and reported.

It's been a while since we looked at headsets for the last time, so it's high time for a new comparative test. PC gaming is still hot and headsets are inextricably linked to it. It should therefore come as no surprise that almost every manufacturer who is active in the field of hardware or computers has included gaming peripherals in their lineup.

Kingston is perhaps the biggest example of a manufacturer who has conspicuously entered this market, but in this test we also see Asus, Gigabyte and MSI, names that are known more for equipment used in PC interiors. Asus has been producing headsets for some time, Gigabyte and MSI are now also participating. Let us not forget, however, that Corsair originally also earned its money with memory modules and power supplies; however, this brand has made a turnaround before and has been quite successful, to put it mildly. In addition,' real' peripheral equipment brands such as Logitech and Razer naturally play a significant role.

The traditional audio world has only realised recently that there's money in labeling something as a gaming product, and Sennheiser is the only true audio brand in this test. Brands such as Plantronics and BeyerDynamic will undoubtedly be covered in future tests (the Plantronics Rig 400 and 600 were not available at the time this test was set up. They are also just this review's price range, but have already been reviewed separately).

Even without much attention from audio specialist brands, competition in this market is still fierce, so it took little effort to get 12 headsets from 11 brands together for this test. It is more difficult to get them all in exactly the same price range: sometimes a brand simply offers nothing at a certain price, sometimes brands prefer to supply a different model. In the end we arrived at a range of about 70 to 105 pounds / 80 to 120 euros , around the price of the popular Kingston Cloud II, although it can be found for less than 80 euros. Together with the Revolver of the same brand, it is the only already tested headset that we review here, because it is somewhat of a benchmark model which can be referred to.

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