Corsair K68 and K68 RGB gaming keyboards review: Mechanical and spill proof

Cherry MX switches and protection from water



With a great sense of drama, Corsair outlines the situation for which the K68 can offer a solution in the press release. In the heat of the battle, when an enemy suddenly appears, you pick up a glass of a beverage. With a quick press of the wasd buttons youvanquished your opponent, but you spilled some of the drink on the keys. The Corsair K68 and K68 RGB feature a layer of synthetic rubber under the keys. In this way, the new offspring in the Corsair family should be able to withstand accidents, which could be fatal for other keyboards.

Corsair showed their K68 keyboards for the first time on Computex, last June. Originally developed for use in Asian gaming cafes, representatives of the company told us. With the K68, owners of a gaming café have a model within their grasp that has to convince in terms of features and typing experience as a gaming keyboard, but at the same time does not need to be replaced immediately when a regular accidentally spills a glass of drink on it. Fortunately, Corsair has now also launched the model on the European market for consumers. After all, accidents involving drinks and food are also expected to occur in a home environment.

Like other Corsair gaming keyboards, you can adjust settings for the K68 using the Corsair Utility Engine software package, in short CUE. When you open the program, you'll see an overview of all your Corsair devices: next to keyboards, there could also be a mouse, headsets and RGB mouse mats. You can synchronize the lighting on all devices, but you can also define your own profile per device. Under the heading 'Lighting effects', options for setting up the lighting are available - with a push on the Advanced button at the top right, the options for setting up the lighting are even more extensive and you can adjust each effect per key. Logically, the RGB model offers some more options than the version with lights in one colour.

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