Corsair K68 and K68 RGB gaming keyboards review: Mechanical and spill proof

Cherry MX switches and protection from water


Practice: liquid test

As mentioned above, the K68 is characterized by a layer of synthetic rubber under the keys, which gives the keyboard its water-resistant properties. The material not only covers the bottom plate, but also rises slightly around each switch. At the very top there is no rubber - after all, that is the location of the cross-shaped fastening points of each key on the switch. Because of the sealing, the K68 has an IP32 rating, which means that the keyboard can be placed against water droplets at an angle of up to 15 degrees to perpendicularly over the housing. The keypad is also better protected against dust thanks to the seal.

Of course we have substantiated Corsair's claims by emptying a glass of water over the K68 RGB. As you can see from the images, the keyboard continues to work fine under these conditions, with the lighting effects continuing without interruption. There are a few small openings on the bottom of the keyboard, allowing liquids to leave the space underneath the keys. The puddle of water that we passed over the K68 emptying gutters ended up on the desk, for the most part directly. The drops that stayed behind had no influence on the performance of the keyboard.

The K68 is not a waterproof keyboard, strictly speaking. After all, the rubber layer is open at the top side where the buttons are attached to the switches. Typing underwater will probably still give you a dead keyboard. Smaller accidents involving liquids do not pose a problem with the seal, although it should be noted that drinks generally do not only contain water, but also dyes or other dissolved substances that may cause stains or other problems. Beverages containing sugar are particularly notorious: when they dry up, they produce an adhesive layer. If you accidentally throw your glass of coke over the keys, you will still have to clean up before you can continue typing.


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