These are the best 4K monitors - February 2018

Buyer's guide for those who are looking to buy an Ultra HD



Hardware.Info tests a substantial number of monitors annually. This results in all kinds of reviews and comparison tests, but we can also tell you what the best screens you can buy are. Both when you are looking for a certain format, as well as for a specific purpose, such as image processing or gaming. Or if you have a limited budget. In this article you will find our advice for purchasing 4K, or Ultra HD monitors.

We regularly publish monitor reviews, but not everyone has the time or desire to plough through an archive with articles. If you just want to know which screen the best for you is, you need a compact overview. We try to offer you that with this article. It's the first time we're writing such a "buying guide", so we're curious about your ideas, wishes, comments and remarks. Please feel free to write something in the comments.

A good place to start

It goes without saying that we cannot test all monitors on the market, so we do not pretend to have the absolute truth in this article. As always, we recommend that everyone who is faced with such a substantial investment should take a good look and consult several sources. Having said that, there are few publications (in the Netherlands) that subject so many screens to thorough tests like we at Hardware.Info do, so you are in a good place to begin your search for a new 4K monitor.

No graphs

For this article we have for the time being chosen not to show any graphs with test results. For each segment you will find a link to a comparison table and based on this you can create graphs of the test results and properties that are important to you. The reason we don't show the graphs here is that it would make the article 52 pages long and we don't want to deter potential readers. If you disagree with this consideration, please let us know in the comments.

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