AMD Bulldozer (FX-8370E) versus AMD Ryzen & Intel Coffee Lake: worth upgrading?

Does your AMD FX processor need an upgrade?



Although not a majority, many readers can still be using a Bulldozer-generation AMD processor such as an FX-8350 or an FX-8370E. 2017 can be described as the year of an unprecedented processor struggle for the consumer attention. Is an AMD Ryzen or Intel Coffee Lake worth the upgrade, or are you still well off with an AMD FX? We continue with part 2 of our series!

The graphics card is usually the most popular PC component to upgrade. With all these high-res monitors and increasingly beautiful games, this part is subject to higher demands at a rapid pace. After two or three years a new graphics card means a serious upgrade in graphics capabilities, while the rest of your system can often last for a few years.

AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Boxed
Thanks to the AMD Ryzen CPUs, you suddenly get a lot more processor for your money.

At the beginning of last year, however, AMD turned the processor market upside down with their Ryzen CPU range and in October, Intel followed with its Coffee Lake models. Partially thanks to the competition, you get much more value for your money when you buy a processor now than you did a year ago. So in our upgrade poll of mid-September 2017, a majority of you indicated that you planned to buy a new processor and a new motherboard. With 32% of the voices, that option was more popular than a new graphics card (27%)!

We took the most popular and still available processor from the AMD FX generation through our current test procedure to determine whether a fast Ryzen or Coffee Lake is really worthwhile.

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