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New gaming monitor is serious option for the demanding user



The last couple of years, the Korean Giant LG, just like its big competitor from the same country, ignored the market for gaming monitors. They mostly focused on 21:9 super widescreen displays, with the exception of a single model. Meanwhile, more and more gaming monitors from the competition appeared on the market, including some models from Samsung last year. LG could no longer wait with their answer and recently they introduced the 32GK850G, thet first in a series of new gaming models that mark a new start in this market. Wij tested this flagship model, and were very impressed.

With the exception of a single 24-inch model and a 34-inch model we didn't really see any new gaming monitors from LG recently. This IFA the company revealed a new 27-inch 240 Hz display, a new 34-inch gaming model and lastly a new 32-inch WQHD monitor, featuring G-sync, a 144 Hz panel and even RGB lighting on the back. This 32GK850G (we'd almost think that the two G's are supposed to emphasize the 'gaming' features) recently reached our office, which means that we can already publish a review.

LG 32GK850G-B

At the time of writing we only know the American MSRP of the monitor, which is 850 dollars. This will definitely not be any less in pounds, in fact we expect it to be a bit more expensive. We're not going to speculate any further, however it's certain that this is priced as a flagship, so you can expect flagship performance.

A remarkable aspect of the monitor can therefore not remain unmentioned: LG makes remarkable choices with their new models. 27 inch is a special format for a 240 Hz monitor, which will mostly be used by competitive players of twitch shooters - a user group that mainly uses a smaller display, to keep a clear overview. 32 inch is also exceptional in a market where 27 inch is actually the norm for high-end displays. It remains a question whether buyers will be convinced by this increase in screen diagonal. On the other hand, in the rest of the monitor market we see a very clear trend towards larger displays, so who knows, maybe LG is betting on the right horse here. They're definitely not the only company, because AOC also has a 32 inch model in the Agon gaming series. Market leader also has an upcoming model. In any case, today we're taking a look at the LG 32GK850G.

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LG 32GK850G-B

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