Kingston DCP1000 1,6TB review: lightning-fast SSD reaches 7 GB/s

Lightning-fast data center SSD in the spotlight.



AS SSD works with uncompressible data in both read and write tests starting at 4 kB with one instruction and continuing to 64 kB and 4 kB simultaneously. It finishes with a sequential read and write test which imitates working with very large files. An end result is given as an overall score. While this is a test that is very similar to our Iometer test, we run it as a benchmark so you can also use it to compare the scores of your SSDs with our tests.

We do not see the full potential of the Kingston DCP1000 in the AS SSD test. Primarily, it is not made for the 4kB tests which brings the total score down.

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Kingston DCP1000 1.6TB

SSD, 1600 GB, PCI-Express 3.0 x8, Phison PS5007, 6800 MB/s, 6000 MB/s, PCIe x8 add-in card

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