Kingston DCP1000 1,6TB review: lightning-fast SSD reaches 7 GB/s

Lightning-fast data center SSD in the spotlight.


Iometer: File server / Database server simulation

Our server usage simulations are most suitable for the purpose of this particular SSD. In these test, we simulate the access and work patterns of a file and a database server, which are also measure with the Iometer. The database test consists of completely random processes of 8 kB each where 67% are read and 33% are write tasks. The file server is 80% read and 20% write tasks broken down into the following transfer sizes: 10% 512 bytes, 5% 1 kB, 5% 2 kB, 60% 4 kB, 2% 8 kB, 4% 16 kB, 4% 32 kB en 10% 64 kB. Both the fie server and database tests are also run at queue-depths of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32.

File server workload

In the file server test the Kingston DCP1000 outperforms all the other SSDs with a margin, 1317 MB/s speeds at QD32 leave the Intel SSD 750 and the Samsung 960 Pro far behind. At QD1, the Samsung 960 Pro is still slightly faster, but from QD8 and up, the Kingston takes the lead.

Database workload

In the database simulation we see the same, where the Kingston DCP1000 is the fastest, but not by as much of a margin than in the file server test. Still, the 115.000 IOPS at QD32 is a very impressive score.

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Kingston DCP1000 1.6TB

SSD, 1600 GB, PCI-Express 3.0 x8, Phison PS5007, 6800 MB/s, 6000 MB/s, PCIe x8 add-in card

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