14 design monitors review: a beauty contest for screens

14 24 and 27 inch full hd screens with a design touch


Power consumption

Power consumption is predominantly very similar, but the second least economical screen uses 10W more than the most economical. Per year it does not make a significant difference even if it is on the whole time. At the top we see the Eizo EV2451 and the Philips 245C7QJSB while the Samsung C27F591FDU appears to be power thirsty in comparison, at least at the maximum brightness.

When we try to even out the field by setting brightness to 150 cd/m² on all the screens, the results at the top and bottom remain the same. The older models of AOC and Asus are not as economic as the current ones and the 24” Samsung is not as thirsty as the big brothers, which is nice.

In stand-by and switched off you can see the results below. For us it is common sense that the power consumption when switched off should be 0 watts.


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