14 design monitors review: a beauty contest for screens

14 24 and 27 inch full hd screens with a design touch


Test range

The focus of this article is on the FullHD monitors of 24” size. There are a couple of 27” models which do not come in smaller size: the Samsung C27F396 and C27F591. Most of the prices are under 175 pounds / 200 euros, with the exception of the above-mentioned Samsungs and the Eizo EV2451 which we decided to include as our own initiative. Dell is unfortunately not represented here. We would have liked to review the cool-looking S2418HN but there was no test sample available. Also from HP we could not get any consumer screens. Besides those two, we have all the major brands represented: two AOC models, ASUS, Acer, BenQ, LG and Philips. Here, we shall first describe the models per brand and then let you review the results of the tests. We have also compiled a comparison table, which you can find here.

Ergonomics! Why are they missing?

Because “design monitors” are part of the consumer market, this means that a lot of the manufacturers do not consider an ergonomic height-adjustable foot a necessity. Meanwhile, business models (in some cases mounted on a stand) are most often adjustable to sitting position and height of the user. As a home user, you would have to work with minor viewing angle adjustments. The only adjustable model in this test is the Eizo EV2451 made for the business but included here because of its stand-out design and the almost bezel-less panel on an adjustable foot.

It is clear to us that it’s about time the manufacturers took the “home user” into consideration and let their screens be adjusted to optimal position for everyone. Especially since most consumer screens do not come with a Vesa mount point and therefore cannot be mounted on an adjustable arm instead.

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