14 design monitors review: a beauty contest for screens

14 24 and 27 inch full hd screens with a design touch


Brightness and contrast

The Samsung C24F390 is clearly the screen with the highest brightness, but all except one model perform well enough. The single screen that does not reach the desired 250 cd/m² is the Philips 246E7QDSW.

In the test scores of the minimum brightness of white we see huge performance gaps. The top 5 consists of the three Samsungs which are all exceptional (looking at the Eizo’s results, we can see the added value of its higher price). The AOC I2481FXH and the Asus MX239H are both still within acceptable range. The models below those we would not advise to use in the dark.

It should not come as a surprise that the four models based on VA panels have the best depth of black.

When looking at the contrast, the BenQ has the best result followed by the Samsungs again while the IPS and TN panels fall behind. The least impressive results belong to the LG and the Philips 246E7QDSW in comparison to the rest, but they are still within the acceptable range.


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