Cooler Master MasterWatt power supplies review: power for a dime?

Competition in the mainstream segment



Cooler Master, with the MasterWatt 450W, MasterWatt 550W, MasterWatt 650W and MasterWatt 750W, goes up against the popular Corsair CXM and Be quiet! Pure Power series in the mainstream segment. Is the new series a masterful move or more of the same?

When configuring a pc it can be quite a challenge not to increase the cost to insane levels. Fast processors, luxurious motherboards, the latest graphics cards; as hardware enthusiast there are often enough beautiful (and expensive) components to choose from. However, sometimes cuts need to be made. The part on which most people save first is the power supply. The performance is almost never impacted when you use a cheaper power supply - of course provided that the required power can be supplied.

Cheaper power supplies often have a shorter warranty and are not always the quietest, but sometimes there is a model that has an excellent price-performance ratio which means it can be used for a cheaper computer without having to worry about its quality. A well-known example of this is the Corsair CX450M, which we covered nearly a year ago. This power supply offers good voltage stability, high efficiency and acceptable noise levels at a very acceptable price. 

In this review we take a look at the new mainstream competitor of the CXM-series: the MasterWatt-series manufactured by Coolet Master. It is immediately clear that it is a direct competitor due to the great number of similarities: 80 Plus Bronze-certified, 5 year warranty, 120mm-fan, a semi-modular design and a predominantly black casing without showy decorations or lighting. At the same time the semi-passive cooling of the MasterWatts is an interesting addition compared with the competition, which could result in good scores for the noise levels at low load. 

At the time of writing the average prices of the power supplies are 52 pounds / 58 euros for the 450 W model, 58 pounds / 65 euros for the 550 W version, 67 pounds / 75 euros for 650 W and 76 pounds / 85 euros for the 750 W model.

Cooler Master MasterWatt 450W

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