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Iometer: Fileserver / Databaseserver simulation

Even though we are testing consumer SSDs, for completeness' sake we also ran the file server and database server simulation workloads, in order to obtain a comprehensive impression of the performance of the drives. The chart below shows the results for queue depth 32. Please refer to the test procedure page for a description of these tests.

Traditionally speaking Samsung is very good in workloads that are more business oriented, thanks to the fast memory that they manufacture themselves and the smart firmware for their own controllers that they have been perfecting for years. Most competitors follow at a certain distance, although the good performance of the Toshiba Q300 Pro V2 and multiple Intel-models stand out, among others. 

Fileserver workload

The Fileserver workload consists of 80% read- and 20% write commands.

Database workload

The database workload consists of 67% read- and 33% write commands with a base blocksize of 8 KB.


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