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You can consider yourself lucky if you purchased an SSD last year. Since then not a lot has happened when it comes to the performance, while the prices have gone up. However, using a hard drive as boot disk is not necessary at all - there are more than enough reasonably affordable models available that still offer great performance. 

We would not recommend a 120 GB SSD in 2017. The price per gigabyte is high, the performance is low and there is little choice in this market segment. It is only an option for entry-level PCs. We would always choose an SSD for these, because cheaper computers feel a lot faster when they have fast storage. In an HTPC a small SSD can also be sufficient and offer the advantage of silent operation. The cheapest option is the best choice in our opinion, which means that the Intenso High Performance receives a Great Value award. 

Excellent Choice awards go to the entire Crucial MX300-series. These SSDs manufactured by the daughter brand of memory manufacturer Micron combine very decent performance with an attractive price. The fact that they can purchase flash chips using an internal number clearly has an advantage. Samsung is also the owner of their own memory factories, but in our opinion only the 860 Evo 250GB is an excellent choice. Mainly the good performance and long warranty appeal to us. At higher capacities the Samsung drives are too expensive which means we cannot recommend the 850 Evo drives, while the cheaper 750 Evo-series seems to be end-of-life. 

Intenso High Performance 120GB

Samsung 850 Evo 250GB
Crucial MX300 275GB
Crucial MX300 525GB
Crucial MX300 1TB
Crucial MX300 2TB


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