Solid State Buyers Guide: 69 SATA SSDs review

All current SATA600 SSDs compared


Performance consistency

In order to measure the performance consistency of the SSDs we once again ran a 4k random write workload with a queue depth of 32, while taking a snapshot of the drives' performance every second. We then calculated the standard deviation of the results for the interval between 1800 and 2000 seconds. A lower standard deviation means less variation, and thus a more constant level of performance. For ease of comparison, the second chart once again shows the steady state level in the same test.

Absolutely speaking the Sandisk SSD Plus has the best consistency, but because its performance was remarkably low, you probably do not want to purchase this drive. Of the fastest SSDs it is the Samsung 850 Pro that is victorious. The Crucial SSDs perform quite well across the board.



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