Goodram Iridium Pro 960GB review: Polish SSD

Fast ssd with one major drawback


Iometer: Fileserver / Database server simulation (mixed workloads)

Even though we are testing a consumer SSD, for completeness' sake we also ran the file server and database server simulation workloads, in order to obtain a comprehensive impression of the drives' performance. The chart below shows the results for queue depth 32. Please refer to the test procedure page for a description of these tests.

The Iridium Pro does not perform all too well in the fileserver test: it performs at about the same level as the OCZ Trion 150. In the database test it is slightly faster than the Samsung 850 Evo, but the 850 Pro which is a lot faster in these kinds of applications remains far out of reach. 

Fileserver workload

The Fileserver workload consists of 80% read- and 20% write commands.

Database workload

The database workload consists of 67% read- and 33% write commands with a base blocksize of 8 KB.

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Goodram Iridium Pro 960GB

SSD, 960 GB, Serial ATA 600, Phison PS3110, 560 MB/s, 530 MB/s, 2.5 inch

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