Goodram Iridium Pro 960GB review: Polish SSD

Fast ssd with one major drawback


Power consumption

The power consumption of our SSDs is measured using a BTO W540EU laptop based on an Intel Core i3 3120M CPU and the Intel H77M chipset. We measure the power consumption of SSDs both when idle and during a 4k random write and 1 MB sequential write workload. 

The Goodram Iridium Pro 960GB shows some volatile results. In idle it is rather inefficient, while it is by far the most efficient SSD with 4kB random writes. With the sequential write test it is once again the most inefficient SSD we tested, except one. 

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Goodram Iridium Pro 960GB

SSD, 960 GB, Serial ATA 600, Phison PS3110, 560 MB/s, 530 MB/s, 2.5 inch

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