Forza Motorsport 7 review: benchmarks with 23 graphic cards

What hardware do you need to run the newest Forza game?


Picture quality

To give you an idea of how the different graphical settings look, we have made some screenshots on low, medium and ultra settings. The game does not have pre-sets, so all the settings were configured manually. Below you can see the difference, also full picture by clicking on them and using the arrow keys to go back and forth.

  Medium Ultra
Performance target Unlocked Unlocked
Resolution scale 100% 100%
Anisotropic filtering 4x 16x
Motion blur quality Medium Ultra
Shadow quality Medium Ultra
Particles resolution Quarter Full
Procedural quality Medium Ultra
Car livery quality Medium High
Mirror quality Medium Ultra
Car model quality Medium High
Particle effects quality Medium High
Wet reflection quality Medium Ultra
MSAA quality Off 8x
Lens flare quality Off High
Windshield reflection quality Medium Ultra
Track texture quality Medium High
Reflection quality Medium Ultra

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