Samsung C49HG90: decadent thoroughbred in 32:9

Extraordinary gaming monitor offers everything, except a good price per pixel ratio


Samsung C49HG90

Now that everyone who wants the lowest price per pixel is no longer reading, it is time to take a closer look at this monitor with the enthusiasts. A monitor that measures more than a meter in width has to have a solid base, and of course Samsung made sure that it is. It is just as black as the monitor itself and thanks to the wide V-shape you can practically lay your keyboard underneath the screen edge, so that you do not have to see anything else than the monitor. The panel also has a strong curve, with a radius of 1800 mm, otherwise known as 1800R. It could not be a lot more than this, if you go past 1500R you apparently only have shards left. The curve at this size is also no longer a luxury, more a necessity. Seated at 1.8 meters from this monitor you can see every part from the far left to far right in one angle. If you prefer to sit closer to the action, you will not be able to see the edges perpendicular and that has an impact on the colour quality and brightness, more on that later. Fortunately you mainly see this from the corner of your eye and that is a lot less contentious than what is happening right in front of you.

Samsung C49HG90

Here you see a 49-inch big panel with vertical alignment pixel structure, and a resolution of 3840x1080. Basically just as much as two 1920x1080 monitors of about 27-inch – now we can wave goodbye to the last price conscious reader, because even two wqhd 144Hz-monitors cost less than this C49HG90 – only then without the screen bezels in the middle of your field of view. It is, wherever you look, gloriously curved, deep black panel, without any interruption. We have been seeing proofs of concept in press releases and on trade fair floors, but Samsung is the first manufacturer to bring this absurd, glorious size to the market.

Samsung C49HG90

Did we already mention that you can also change the height of the monitor, despite the enormous dimensions? You can. The back of the monitor has an industrial design, with the connectors behind a removable piece of plastic. These connectors are two times hdmi 2.0, two times displayport, one of them a mini, audio in- and outputs as well as a usb 3.0 hub with two downstream-connectors. On the back of the base we also find a retractable headset holder.

Samsung C49HG90 Samsung C49HG90
Samsung C49HG90

As said before the panel can show a maximum of 144 frames per second, it is operated by a Freesync-capable scaler, but not very capable, because in the standard FreeSync-mode the range is from 90 to 144 Hz and in ‘Ultimate Freesync’ the graphics card can go down to 75 fps, but after that there is no more collaboration. We said it before and we will say it again: the added value of synchronization is mainly in the smoothness of the lower frame rates in our opinion; if your graphics card can already put out more than 100, the difference is simply not that big.

Samsung C49HG90

Fortunately the monitor has more to offer, because Samsung included Motion Blur Reduction Technology in this monitor, just like the CG70-models of last year. This is the marketing term for a scanning backlight with four segments, and with that we think that Samsung clearly has the best anti-motion blur at the moment. In our opinion this has more value than sync at higher refresh rates. 

Furthermore, as with the first new Samsung gaming-generation, we find a good looking menu. This allows you to see things like the settings for anti-motion blur, the refresh rate, overdrive, etc. in one glance. Operating it is not difficult and can be done using a stick in the bottom edge, slightly to the right of the middle of the monitor.

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Samsung C49HG90

49 inch, 3840x1080, 81 ppi, VA, AMD FreeSync, 144 Hz, HDMI input, DisplayPort input, 1 ms, 600 cd/m², 3000 : 1

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