13 USB 3.0 gigabit adapters review: lifelines

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Given the good performance, modest prices and practicality, we believe that a USB 3.0 network adapter has a place in any laptop bag or on the desk of a Hardware.Info reader. The performance is often better and more reliable in practice than when using WiFi.

Out of the models tested, we start off by recommending the tiny TP-Link UE300 which is also second fastest and at the same time the cheapest of the range. For this, we give it the Excellent Choice Award. The fastest one is the Linksys USB3GIG-EJ, which is more expensive than the TP-Link UE300 but is also worthy of the Excellent Choice Award. Yet another award winner is the Ewent EW1140 which easily doubles as a small docking station for those are constantly on the go. It has the small drawback of noticeably sharing transfer speeds between USB and network when under high data loads, but this is far from a deal-breaker when looking at its benefits.

This time around, we will also apply the Innovation award which goes to the Startech.com’s US1GC301AU2R for its dual gigabit connection and extra USB. Even though it is not the fastest here, which is a bit of a shame, it provides quite a unique feature.

Linksys USB3GIG-EJ
Ewent EW1140
TP-Link UE300

Startech.com  US1GC301AU2R 

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