Cooler Master Cosmos C700P review: Big and versatile

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Test results cooling 200 watt

In total we run four measurements. The first set is at a heat production of 200 watt, the second is at a heat production of 400 watt. Both sets are run with the fans at low and high speeds. We accomplish this by setting the voltage of the fans to 7 and 12 volts respectively. When a case has temperatures above 30 degrees in the first set (200 watt), we usually do not proceed with the second set (400 watt). When the temperatures go beyond 40 degrees, we usually stop the test.

200 W 12 V

While the Cooler Master Cosmos C700P is a big case with fan openings on the front-, back-, top- and bottom and is supplied with three fans, the front panel makes it difficult for the two intake fans at the front of the case to take in enough cool air. However, this is the way the case was designed which is why we test it with the front panel in place. The graphs below show that the cooling results might not be bad, but certainly do not come close to the top in this class. When we remove the closed front panel the performance increases, but the noise levels also increase.

200 W 7 V

If we have the fans running slower (7V) we see a comparable result: the performance is not bad, but certainly not any groundbreaking results.

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