Project Cars 2 review: benchmarks with 23 graphics cards

Which card do you need for high-octane graphics?



Last month finally saw the release of the much anticipated successor to Project Cars. This latest instalment is one of the prettiest racing games out there, but will you require a beast of a PC to run it? We benchmarked 23 graphics cards on Full HD, WQHD and 4K resolutions to see how Project Cars 2 holds up. We’ll also check how the different weather types will affect performance, how well the game runs on AMD’s Ryzen platform and if CrossFire and SLI scale well.

Project Cars 2, Limited Edition (PC)

Project Cars 2 is a racing game with a plethora of tracks in different layouts and more than 180 cars to drive them. The game has been developed by Slightly Mad Studios and has been released for PS4, Xbox One and PC by Bandai Namco. This new version adds Rallycross and features a completely re-written physics engine.

The game is based on Slightly Mad Studios’ own Madness engine, which is an evolution of the one used in the previous game. It’s fairly unexciting to state that Project Cars 2 runs in DirectX 11 mode, however, noteworthy is that it does make use of AVX2 instructions. This is an advanced 256 bit instruction set that Intel has added to its Haswell line of processors and is also supported by AMD’s Ryzen CPUs. Thanks to AVX2, longer instructions can be processed in one go and will not stress the CPU as much as it would normally.

The new Project Cars gets high praise from the gaming press. There is some backlash on the difficulty of the game however, some say certain cars are undriveable and bugs seem to be plentiful. Reviewers also complain that the career mode is not flexible enough.


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Project Cars 2, Limited Edition (PC)

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