Project Cars 2 review: benchmarks with 23 graphics cards

Which card do you need for high-octane graphics?


Extra: Effect of weather on performance

Rain or shine, Project Cars 2 continues to impress with its graphics. The selected weather type seemed to influence performance significantly, so we decided to perform the same tests on two graphics cards, a RX Vega 64 and a GTX 1080 Ti, on two additional weather types, “Snow” and “Thunderstorm”.

These weather types proved to be quite detrimental to the performance of the game. Where the GTX 1080 Ti gives you 74 fps on 4K with Ultra settings and clear weather, this will dip to 56 fps when it snows and even further down to 45 fps when driving in a thunderstorm. The same numbers for the RX Vega 64 but on WQHD are 71 fps dropping down to 55 and 44 fps respectively. So when driving in bad weather, you’ll want to turn the settings down a bit to keep the game playable.

  Clear Snow Thunderstorm
RX Vega 64 - 1080p ultra 85 fps 65 fps 65 fps
GTX 1080 Ti - 1080p ultra 144 fps 101 fps 81 fps
RX Vega 64 - 1440p ultra 71 fps 55 fps 44 fps
GTX 1080 Ti - 1440p ultra 110 fps 79 fps 63 fps
RX Vega 64 - 4K ultra 48 fps 40 fps 32 fps
GTX 1080 Ti - 4K ultra 74 fps 56 fps 45 fps


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