Seasonic Prime Gold & Platinum review: gold with platinum characteristics

Excellent power supplies, although the added value of Platinum is limited



Mid last year Seasonic introduced the technical high level Prime Titanium power supplies, which we were very happy about. At the start of this year the brand released versions that are more affordable; these Prime-models are still high-end power supplies, but Gold and Platinum certified. They are available in different variants; we tested all of them for this article. 

All Prime power supplies are semi-passive, completely modular and offer a large number of connectors. With that the models in this series are suited for extremely varied purposes, varying from an average all-round game pc to high-end machines with a Skylake-X processor and SLI- or Crossfire set-up, to mining rigs that have six or eight graphics cards. The recent mining hype did not only result in a shortage in the world of graphics cards, but also renewed the interest in power supplies with a capacity of 1000 watts or more. Compared with their previous generation power supplies, Seasonic promises  that the Prime series are more silent under load. 

Seasonic Prime Platinum 650W

While these models are not as expensive as the Prime Titanium-models, these new power supplies are certainly not inexpensive. The 650 watt variant of the Prime Gold has an average price of 115 pounds / 130 euros, the 650 watt Prime Platinum has an average price of 137 pounds / 154 euros; the most expensive model that we test, the Prime Platinum 1200 watt, has an average price of 266 pounds / 299 euros. On the other hand, the lowest price of the Prime Titanium 650W is 148 pounds / 166 euros and it has an average price of 157 pounds / 176 euros - there is still a clear price difference.

Furthermore Seasonic generally offers excellent quality; the trust in their own products is visible when looking at the warranty: all Prime power supplies come with 12 years of factory warranty. Aside from that we know the Seasonic power supplies bring excellent performance; in this review we find out if that is the case for the new Prime-models as well.


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