Seasonic Prime Gold & Platinum review: gold with platinum characteristics

Excellent power supplies, although the added value of Platinum is limited



With the Prime Gold and Platinum, Seasonic introduces excellent power supplies with maximum outputs that range from 650 watt to 1200 watt. The Gold and Platinum models are identical in terms of specifications and connectors; the only difference is supposed to be the efficiency according to Seasonic. Our measurements do not directly show this difference, the results for the Gold and Platinum versions turn out to be very comparable in practice. The good news here is that all power supplies perform extremely well in terms of efficiency. The ripple of all Prime models is very low as well, while the power supplies are not bothered when under full load either. At low load all of them can operate passively, but if more power is needed the fans turn on, and depending on the load these can be clearly audible. 

All things considered the Prime Gold and Platinum power supplies are simply excellent products that more than deserve our Ultimate Product award. With prices ranging from approximately 115 pounds / 130 euros to nearly 267 pounds / 300 euros they are not inexpensive, but in return you receive very stable power supplies with excellent performance. From our testing there seems to be no difference between the Gold and Platinum-versions, while the latter are slightly more expensive. This is why we would advice you to choose a Gold version and save some money that way.

Seasonic Prime Gold
Seasonic Prime Platinum

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