Intel Z370 motherboards round-up: 17 times Coffee Lake

The best motherboards with the Z370-chipset


The MSI Z370-lineup

We tested three MSI models in this round-up out of the nine models that are planned for release. The most affordable board is the Z370 SLI Plus, which combines a rich feature set with an elegant design and modest amount of lighting. Nevertheless the basis - which is formed by ALC1220-audio, Intel Ethernet, USB 3.1 and more things - is solid and therefore we are looking forward to the test results of this board. 

MSI Z370 SLI Plus
The MSI Z370 SLI Plus.

MSI also sent us the Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon. This board, like the ASUS Maximus X Hero, also has an identical brother that comes with 802.11ac-WiFi. In any case, the feature set is rather comparable with that of the SLI Plus, although the design is clearly different and this board will appeal more to customers that want rgb-lighting. MSI also included support for addressable RGB under the name 'Rainbow LED'. 

MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon AC
The MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon AC.

The absolute top model for the mid-range socket is the Z370 Godlike Gaming. This is the first time that MSI releases a Godlike-model for socket 1151. Aside from a whole lot of lighting the Godlike Gaming is also characterized by a total of three Killer-Ethernet connectors and a Killer 802.11ac-WiFi-chip. Furthermore the 6.35mm-output of the ESS-DAC also stands out; this allows you to connect a high-end headphone without an adapter. In the box we also find a PCI-Express insertion card that has room for two M.2-SSDs including their heatsink, on top of the three (!) M.2-slots that the board already offers. Another feature that is worth mentioning is the possibility to use the WiFi-module as access-point via incoming internet of an Ethernet connector. 

MSI Z370 Godlike Gaming
The MSI Z370 Godlike Gaming.

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