Intel Core i7 8700K / i5 8600K / i5 8400 'Coffee Lake' review: affordable six cores!

More cores for the same price!


Six models: two i7s, two i5s and two i3s

The most important specifications of the six introduced Coffee Lake processors can be found in the table below, where you can also compare their specifications with those of the direct predecessors. Three of these are so-called K-SKUs, which are suited for overclocking because of their unlocked multiplier.


The new top model is the Core i7 8700K, with six cores and HyperThreading. In order to stay within the TDP the base clock frequency is slightly lower when compared with predecessor Core i7 7700K, but this is in part compensated for because of the higher single-core Turbo. The L3-cache is 12 MB. The American price for distributors is $ 20 dollars higher than that of the i7 7700K. We expect the price to average around the same price as that of a Ryzen 7 1700X. The second i7-processor is the 8700, which operates at a lower clock frequency and is not unlocked, but does have a lower TDP. The price of this CPU is the same as that of the predecessor. 


The new top model in the i5-series is the Core i5 8600K, successor of the 7600K. The new i5s have six cores as well, but lack HyperThreading. Again, the base clock frequency is lower compared with the previous generation, but the maximum Turbo-values are higher. A quiet price increase happened here as well; here we see an increase of $ 15. As such we expect the i7 8600K to cost slightly more than an AMD Ryzen 1600X. The Core i5 8400 is the direct successor of the i5 7400 with two extra cores here as well, considerably higher Turbo-speeds, but above all a price that stayed the same. 


The biggest difference is found with the Core i3s, that are now equipped with four cores instead of two. The overclockable Core i3 8350K does have a 200 MHz lower clock frequency than its predecessor, which means you can expect slightly worse performance in single-threaded workloads. Good news is its price: it remains unchanged. We expect that it will end up between the cheapest Ryzen 5 and most expensive Ryzen 3, but with four cores Intel can definitely compete with AMD here. The Core i3 8100 is now the cheapest quad-core CPU, at the same price as its predecessor. This could very well be an immensely popular CPU for budget (game) PCs, as soon as there are affordable Coffee Lake motherboards. 

  Cores /
Clockfreq. Max. Turbo
(1C/all core)
i7 8700K 6 / 12 3.7 GHz 4.7 / 4.3 12 MB 1200 MHz 2x DDR4-2667 95W $359
i7 7700K 4 / 8 4.2 GHz 4.5 / 4.4 8 MB 1150 MHz 2x DDR4-2400 91W $339
i7 8700 6 / 12 3.2 GHz 4.6 / 4.3 12 MB 1200 MHz 2x DDR4-2667 65W $303
i7 7700 4 / 8 3.6 GHz 4.2 / 4.0 8 MB 1150 MHz 2x DDR4-2400 65W $303
i5 8600K 6 / 6 3.6 GHz 4.3 / 4.1 9 MB 1150 MHz 2x DDR4-2667 95W $257
i5 7600K 4 / 4 3.8 GHz 4.2 / 4.0 6 MB 1150 MHz 2x DDR4-2400 91W $242
i5 8400 6 / 6 2.8 GHz 4.0 / 3.8 9 MB 1050 MHz 2x DDR4-2667 65W $182
i5 7400 4 / 4 3.0 GHz 3.5 / 3.3 6 MB 1000 MHz 2x DDR4-2400 65W $182
i3 8350K 4 / 4 4.0 GHz - 8 MB 1150 MHz 2x DDR4-2400 91W $168
i3 7350K 2 / 2 4.2 GHz - 4 MB 1150 MHz 2x DDR4-2400 60W $168
i3 8100 4 / 4 3.6 GHz - 6 MB 1100 MHz 2x DDR4-2400 65W $117
i3 7100 2 / 2 3.9 GHz - 3 MB 1100 MHz 2x DDR4-2400 51W $117

Intel does not include a cooler with the three different K-processors. This is an excellent decision in our opinion, because practically everyone that purchases an overclockable K-model wants something that is better than the standard boxed cooler anyway. With the non-K models Intel does include a cooler. All new Coffee Lake chips should be available immediately. 

Click here for an extensive comparison table with all specifications of the new 8th generation Core Coffee Lake processors


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Intel Core i5 8400 Boxed

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Intel Core i5 8600K Boxed

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Intel Core i7 8700K Boxed

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