Intel Core i9 7980XE / 7960X review: Intel back in the lead with 18 cores

New Skylake-X processors go up against AMD Threadripper


Benchmarks: data-compression and -encryption

We run five data-compression and –encryption benchmarks. First we compress 2GB of data using both 7Zip as well as Winrar. We also run three parts of the AIDA64 benchmark. Zlib is a popular compression method that is used by a lot of software. AES is one of the most used encryption algorithms and is, for example, the basis for the SSL-encryption of HTTPS-websites. With AIDA64 we also measure how fast data can be hashed.

The new processors are a lot faster than existing models in 7Zip. They do not scale by 100% exactly, because the slightly higher clock frequency of the 7960X means that this chip is slightly faster than the 7980XE. WinRAR is multi-threaded to a certain extent, and the relatively low clock frequencies mean that the scores are not better than those of the 7900X here, but a lot better than those of Threadripper. In the AIDA compression test the new chips can compete with AMD. However, in AES encryption and hashing AMD remains undefeated. 

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