Intel Core i9 7980XE / 7960X review: Intel back in the lead with 18 cores

New Skylake-X processors go up against AMD Threadripper


Power consumption

Last but not least the power consumption. We measure this using different methods. Note that in every case we show the power consumption of the entire test system, not only the CPU.

First of all we show the maximum power consumption during the Cinebench 15 benchmark. We also determine the average power consumption during the Adobe Premiere Pro benchmarks. Bear in mind that all CPUs are combined with a GTX 1080 Ti for the Cinebench benchmark; with the Premiere benchmark the processors with iGPU do not use a separate graphics card while other processors such as Ryzen and Skylake-X use an efficient GTX 1050 Ti. 

The last graph shows the idle power consumption, in which all processors are combined with a GTX 1080 Ti in order to compare apples with apples. 

The maximum power consumption in Cinebench 15 does show that the extra performance comes at a cost; the 7960X uses a fraction more than the AMD Threadripper 1950X. The 7980XE is not only the fastest desktop-CPU, but also the least economic when it comes to power consumption at 280W for the entire system. 

The average power consumption during the rendering of Hardware.Info TV is practically the same as those of the Threadripper systems. However, we already saw that the performance in this test is practically the same as well. 


Next up: the efficiency, which we show in two ways. The first graph shows the amount of Cinebench points per watt. The second graph shows the total power consumption that is necessary in order to render the fragment of Hardware.Info TV in Premiere Pro. Bear in mind that all values are based on the power consumption of the complete test systems. This includes the motherboard, memory, storage, etc. 

These graphs are a real boost for AMD. With Cinebench it turns out that CPUs with a lot of cores are clearly the most efficient, but the Threadripper 1950X outperforms both the Core i9 7980XE and the Core i9 7960X. It is quite remarkable that with Premiere Pro the power consumption does not differ all that much: more expensive CPUs are faster here, but certainly not more efficient. Once again the Threadripper 1950X is more efficient than the Core i9 7980XE. 

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