Biostar Racing X370GT3 review: pole position?

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Whenever we discuss motherboards, we'll mostly be looking at models from the four big names, so we're always excited whenever we get a sample from a different, smaller manufacturer. Biostar introduced boards for AMD's Ryzen CPU series, of which we could test the Biostar Racing X370GT3. Is there new and unexpected competition? 

Biostar Racing X370GT3

Biostar, founded in 1986, is a Taiwanese company that mainly focuses on motherboards, graphics cards, SSDs and peripherals. The company offers Intel motherboards varying from the H110 to the Z270 chipset. On AMD's site they only offered motherboards based on the FM2+ socket, up until now. This has obviously changed with the arrival of the AM4 socket.

By now, we've seen AM4 motherboards in all shapes and sizes. The newest platform of AMD is widely available these days and it has also passed its infancy stage. The motherboards with the AM4 socket can be found in sizes starting from Mini-ITX up until full ATX. The X370 chipset offers the largest feature set for the Ryzen processors, on this socket. It's worth noting that the B350 chipset will be more than sufficient for the majority of users, in terms of features, however the X370 chipset remains the better choice for users of multiple graphics cards and multiple hard drives or SSDs.

Such demanding users won't mind sacrificing the possibility of a compact system for flexibility and connectivity options. This is exactly the reason why it's interesting to see that Biostar has made the X370GT3 a motherboard in the Micro-ATX format. It seems that the board is trying to offer a richer feature set at a smaller size. X370 on a Micro-ATX board is not unique though; at the time of writing Biostar, just like ASRock, even offers a Micro-ITX board with the X370 chipset. Both boards can be found in our price comparison tool. However, the expectations of a X370 motherboard remain high, considering the features of the chipset. We found out whether Biostar was able to meet these expectations with their X370GT3 or not.

In any case, the X370GT3 is one of the cheapest AM4 boards with this chipset in our price comparison tool.

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Biostar Racing X370GT3

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