8 34- & 35-inch wfhd-monitoren review: widescreen gaming

Big diagonal, few pixels: ideal for racing games?



If you want a truly immersive experience in racing games or flight sims, a wide full hd super-wide monitor might be something worth considering. While it might be a small market segment, this does not prevent us from covering it. We tested eight of these big boys, including LG's brand new 34UM69G-B

Nowadays if you are looking for a monitor you have more options than ever before. 'Wide full hd' models are still a part of this. The first of these 21:9 monitors with a resolution of 2560x1080 pixels reached our test lab near the end of 2012, followed by a lot more the year after. These 29-inch models formed a remarkable development in a market that was characterized by monitors with the same (full hd) resolution and aspect ratio, where you could only choose between different sizes. 

LG 29EA93-P
The first wfhd-monitor that we tested, the LG 29eA93-P.

However these monitors were not exactly practical, while they still had relatively high prices: they cost about 540 pounds / 600 euros back then. A difficult sell if you were putting them up against wqhd (2560x1440) 16:9 monitors that cost about the same, but clearly offer more work space. The fast rise of ultra hd (3840x2160) and uwqhd-monitors (3440x1440) happened in the years after. This meant that the superwide full hd-monitors disappeared to the background. Nevertheless this segment is still a part of the market, and for some users it has also become a lot more interesting. 

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