8 34- & 35-inch wfhd-monitoren review: widescreen gaming

Big diagonal, few pixels: ideal for racing games?


Tested models

Reason enough to test big format super-wide monitors. As stated before this is not a large segment in the market. While most brands do have at least an ultra wide quad hd (3440x1440) monitor in their assortment, the resolution that we discuss here is a lot less popular. This is probably also due to the fact that these monitors were very expensive when you looked at their price per pixel up until recently. For example, the previously mentioned Benq XR3501 cost 987 pounds / 1100 euros when it was introduced and its price went up to more than 1167 pounds / 1300 euros in the last quarter of 2015. At this price you can also purchase a monitor with more pixels and a refresh rate of 100 Hz, which is a lot more interesting in our opinion. 

However, since that first big format wfhd-monitor the prices have gone down a lot. The XR3501 can be found for less than 539 pounds / 600 euros in our Price Comparison and this is the case for all but one model in this test. Furthermore if you do not necessarily want a 144 Hz monitor you can have a monitor for even less. The cheapest model that we tested can be found for less than 404 pounds / 450 euros. This is quite a difference compared with the considerably smaller 29-inch monitors with this resolution that we tested about three to four years ago. 

As stated before LG is the brand that truly focuses on 21:9 and it should not come as a surprise that this brand is represented by a grand total of four models in this test. We are talking about the 34UM68-P, the 34UB67-B and the true gaming monitors 34UC79G-B and 34UM69G-B - the latter is brand new, while the other one is also still readily available. Aside from that AOC is present with two models, the slightly older and barely available C3583FQ and the considerably newer Agon AG352QCX. We also received the Benq XR3501 for this comparison, and last but not least Acer sent us the Predator Z35. We will cover the monitors alphabetically per model. 

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