8 34- & 35-inch wfhd-monitoren review: widescreen gaming

Big diagonal, few pixels: ideal for racing games?



For gaming on a big monitor at high refresh rate you might not have a lot of choice at the moment, but there is still a decent amount on offer. You can even choose a panel technique and functionality based on your own preference. Our favorite is clearly the AOC Agon AG352QCX, a very complete, elegant monitor with very high refresh rate and a very reasonable price. This is why this model receives an Excellent Choice award. 

The Acer Predator Z35 is also very good and ideal for Nvidia-users thanks to the G-sync support, but of course times comes at a cost. Nevertheless it receives an Ultimate Product award, due to it having the best response times and a very good colour quality and contrast. A more affordable choice is the LG 34UB67-B. It does not have a curved panel, synchronization with the graphics card or a high refresh rate, but for a relatively modest price you do get a very big, elegant monitor with solid test results overall. This model is listed by a lot of shops, but none of them have it in stock. The LG 34UM69G-B is an obvious alternative, with (a bit of) Freesync, USB Type-C, excellent uniformity and solid colour quality. However, we do not see it as a true gaming monitor due to the response times which are nothing more than reasonable. 

LG's 'true' gaming monitor, the 144 Hz 34UC79G, does perform well mostly, but in the end it does not convince us keeping its price in mind. Since it was introduced this price has gone down quite a bit, but the same also goes for the prices of the competitors. This makes the price difference too small to recommend it as 'great value', for that a price of 450 pounds / 500 euros would be necessary. The Benq XR3501 also goes home without an award. In terms of technique this model is a bit old, but for this monitor goes the same: if you find it for about 450 pounds / 500 euros we would definitely consider it. 

Readers might be wondering why the Acer Z35P and the AOC Agon AG352UCG were not in this round-up. This is because of the fact that these models are clearly in a different price segment, with their 3440x1440 resolution. However, a round-up should not be too far away. 

Acer Predator Z35


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