8 34- & 35-inch wfhd-monitoren review: widescreen gaming

Big diagonal, few pixels: ideal for racing games?


Colour quality

To start off we look at the coverage of the sRGB colour space of the wide full hd-monitors. We can clearly see that this is the best with the Acer Predator Z35 and the AOC Agon AG352QCX. 

Secondly we look at the colour temperature of white with the standard setting. Note that this is rather low for all models; the LG 34UM69G-B even comes pretty close to a yellow image. 

We measure the colour- and grayscale value deviation based on the CIE2000 norm, and also include the standard deviation. Simply put this gives an indication of the amount at which the sub-measurements that the average deviations are based on, deviate from the average measurement. Aside from that the averages are now based on a bigger number of sub-measurements. These can be found with the screenshots for every tested product. There you can also find the so-called saturation sweeps, that show to what extent the head- and support colours, meaning RGB and CMY, deviate from the desired values in a continuum. 

Based on the new test method the Acer Predator Z35 has the smallest colour deviation, but the LG 34UM69G-B performs well here too. None of the models perform bad - the critical border of 3 is only exceeded a little bit. The Acer Z35 does show a lot of deviation in the sub measurements, which can be seen by the high standard deviation.  

The gray adjustment is the best with the two LG models. 



We have little to remark on the average gamma-values, and aside from the older AOC C3583FQ we also see very little deviation in the sub measurements. 


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