Samsung T5 Portable SSD review: fast lighweight

The bar for fast and lightweight storage is raised once once more.



The external Samsung T5 SSDs are very fast, slightly smaller than a credit card and only weigh 51 grams. If you are looking for lightning fast external storage, these are interesting options. Not specifically to move files, but also to directly work on: ideal if the drive in your computer is a bit small. They are fast enough for photo or video editing, or working with other large files. Also worth mentioning is the encryption that Samsung added to this new series. 

The most important downside is the high price. The 2 TB-model costs X pounds / 909.99 euros, which is a lot of money; for the 1 TB-model you have to pay 406 pounds / 459.99 euros. This is more than the price of the Sandisk Extreme 900, which has more storage capacity and is also faster. On the other hand, the Samsung models are clearly not as big in terms of size, which means you can take them with you more easily. In our opinion these drives remain recommendations, which means they go home with a Hardware.Info Excellent Choice-award. 

Samsung T5

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