Samsung T5 Portable SSD review: fast lighweight

The bar for fast and lightweight storage is raised once once more.


Benchmarks: Real-world

The synthetic benchmarks are good in the sense that you can see the theoretical speed of an external SSD, but the performance in the real-world is obviously more important. Considering external SSDs are basically used like USB-sticks, we use the same test. 

10 GB reading and writing

First of all we tested how long it takes to write and read a 10 GB file. This shows how fast you can process large files, for example videos. We calculate the performance in megabytes per second. 

Reading the 10GB file is quite fast at 410 MB/s and writing is done at the same speed. 

1000x 5 MB reading and writing

We also tested how long it takes to read or write 1000 files of 5 MB. This is an indication of the performance of the drive when you use it to, for example, store digital photos or MP3-files. 

Worth mentioning is that the performance of the different models varies quite a bit. The 500GB model is considerably faster than the versions with more storage capacity. Samsung might have to take a closer look at the firmware to solve this. 

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