Epson EH-TW9300W home cinema projector review: Between 2K and 4K

New home cinema projector offers high image quality and sharpness


HDR image quality

As we stated before, our experience with different HDR-capable sources was varied, which means that only our Samsung Blu-ray player managed to send an HDR-signal to the projector. We could write an entire book about HDR and projectors, but in short projectors do not (yet) have the light output and contrast ratio to show HDR in a truly impactful manner. In order to show the extra bright highlights in an HDR-signal you need a high peak brightness, and projectors for home use are basically unable to achieve this.

In order to still show the highlights brighter than the regular image information, projectors such as the TW9300W use tone mapping, which basically means that the regular image is shown darker than regular. This is not ideal, which is why projectors often have multiple modes that allow you to choose between a higher HDR-effect or better overall brightness. If you choose the latter, the image is shown more as a regular SDR-signal. In practice we were not really impressed by the HDR functionality of the EH-TW9300. The projector has five different presets: SDR and HDR mode 1 to 4. In HDR Mode 3 and 4 the image is often extremely dark; Mode 1 and 2 offer the best experience in our opinion, although with very limited HDR-effect.

HDR Mode 4 offers the highest dynamic range, but this is at the expense of a lot of brightness in darker parts of the image..

... while Mode 1 is brighter across the board, but has a lower dynamic range.

All things considered the addition of HDR is a nice extra for this projector, but it certainly does not offer the same impact that we did see with good HDR-televisions. An advantage that is present either way when viewing HDR-signals, is the wider colour space that the projector can show. Our measurements show that the TW9300W nearly completely covers the DCI-P3 colour space that is used with HDR-signals, which results in a higher colour saturation and less banding.

Epson EH-TW9300W

Noise levels, power consumption and input lag

An important factor with home cinema-projectors are their noise levels. Nothing is as annoying as a quiet movie scene that is destroyed by the noise of loud fans in a projector. Fortunately the EH-TW9300W is relatively quiet. Straight above the projector we measure 42.5 dB at a distance of 10 centimeters when using the lamp at its full strength, while the noise levels in eco-mode are reduced to 38.5 dB. In comparison with other projectors that we recently tested these are excellent values.

The power consumption of the TW9300W is in line with what we are used to seeing with projectors that have an UHP-lamp. With the lamp on eco, medium, and high the power consumption is respectively 259, 265 and 327 watts.

We can be short about the input lag. In every mode that we tested we ended up at 28 ms, independent of setting the image processing to coarse or fine. This is a good result for most (console) gamers, although the die hard fps-gamers will not be satisfied with these numbers.

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