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The first keyboard with analogue optical switches



After years and years of no news on the keyboard market, some ten years ago the “mechanical revolution” started where the keyboard that were missing from the market for a long time made a comeback to the high-end segment. Over time the market has got flooded with the varieties of mechanical keyboards, primarily for gamers. The big manufacturers are trying to outdo each other with features and build quality, but in essence the product is the same. Wooting decided to do something completely different by rethinking the essence of this product. Even though we are only dealing with the first generation of this type of keyboard, we can see that it works well and provides benefits for certain types of games. If this gets picked up by the game developers, we may witness the keyboard revolution and see ourselves asking how we have ever gamed without it ten years from now.

Wooting is a brand-new player on the keyboard scene and the One is also the first product of this start-up. And yet, it does not feel like it. The hardware feels like it’s built to last and the quality is comparable to the big brands. Add to this the fact that it has a unique feature and that the price is also comparable with regular high-end keyboards and we call this a winning combination. The software needs further development, but this is the only real issue here at this point. To only say that the product is innovative does not quite describe it, so we do not only give it the Innovation Award, but also stick the Excellent Choice Award next to it because it also is a great keyboard in its own right.

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