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The first keyboard with analogue optical switches



The Wooting One does not require any software to use the analogue input and the recent Windows updates recognise it as a controller which comes with some default presets. The software – Wootility – is used to set up your key preferences. In this case, the input that usually takes place on a controller is copied to the desired buttons on the keyboard. It is a good idea to translate this into a keyboard layout, taking some time to find out what works best.

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But that’s not the only functionality of the software. We already mentioned the activation point settings, but Wootility has even more settings. For example, the analogue recording can be adjusted, called the "analogue curve". A number of pre-sets are already available, but if you've mastered the software you can also choose to do this manually. By default, the analogue functionality works linearly, but if you want this to increase as you push the key deeper, it can increase exponentially. You can compare this with adjustable mouse acceleration.

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We have also mentioned that it comes with full RBG lighting. The options for this are currently limited, however. It is possible to set a colour for each individual key, but this is where the options end. The software is still in its infancy and clearly not the main priority (over the hardware) at this point. We expect that we will see lighting effects in the later versions. At this stage, it is also already possible to export and import user profiles though.

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