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Let’s get one thing straight. The blue “clicky” switches with the analogue input are not a very good combination. Because of the click, it is difficult to only press the key partially and the idea of the analogue input becomes obsolete. While it seems the typist may be interested in the keyboard, the digital mode also does not work well with the clicky because of the click. The feature of setting the key travel distance is somewhat useless with the presence of the click. Therefore, we advise that if you are only getting the Basic pack, get it with the Red Linear switches to fully experience the difference between Wooting One and other mechanical keyboards.

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We mentioned that the activation point can be set on the range of 1,6mm to 3,6mm of the key travel distance, which is only half of the 4mm range a key travels. This is due to the range in which the light is measured, and it may seem limited. However, this works really well (with the red switches). It gives a good impression and in specific games this definitely gives you the edge.

We have played the Rocket League for which we get the special settings for in the keyboard software and we tested this thoroughly. In this game you play football while driving jet engine-propelled cars against players of the opposite team. Here the players with controllers have a definite advantage because they can make precise manoeuvres thanks to the analogue technology. The Wooting One gives you the possibility to make equally precise movements and makes it easier to score instead of shooting the ball at the post. It is also useful in games like GTA V where you have to change between running and driving at various speeds. The GTA V is played both by people using keyboards and controllers and the Wooting One suits both styles.

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