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The first keyboard with analogue optical switches


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Let us move on from the theoretical to the actual description of this keyboard. The Wooting One is a TKL or tenkeyless keyboard. This is where the num pad is not present on the keyboard. The keyboard was developed with input from the Kickstarter community. The keyboard is built with floating keys so it looks like they are not connected to the board. The panel the keys are floating over is made out of black-coated aluminium and we expect there to be more colours of this panel available in the future. Underneath it has cable grooves and a removable micro USB cable which you can lead left or rights in the grooves. All in all, the keyboard feels solid enough and we cannot find any compromise in building quality against the functionality. It also has RGB lighting with colour settings for individual keys.

Wooting One Premium
The keyboard is connected via a micro USB cable.

Both types of switches recognise input of 55cN, and the linear switches are therefore heavier than the Cherry MX Red switches, which only need a force of 45cN to activate. This gives the feeling that you have more control of how deeply you press the key, which is what you should have in the analogue mode. The clicky switches are comparable to the Cherry MX Blue but click and feel completely different. The click is less sharp, but speaking about the details comes into the territory of personal preference what you think the pros and cons are. Aside from this, the One uses the stabilising mechanism of Cherry, which means that the key caps can also be switched easily. It comes with a standard ABS caps set, but because the layout is also standard, you can use pretty much any custom key caps on the switches without a problem.

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