Fractal Design Meshify C Tempered Glass review: compact cooling monster

Fractal's affordable ATX case promises and delivers excellent cooling



The most remarkable aspect of the Fractal Design Meshify C is the front panel. As stated before this is covered in mesh with a triangle pattern. Behind the mesh of the front panel, Fractal placed a relatively thick dust filter. Nevertheless this offers good airflow. The top of the case also has removable plastic mesh that is buried in the metal panel and held in place by two magnetic strips. The mesh is easily removable so that you can clean it. When removed, you also have access to the mounting holes that allow you to fit a fan or radiator. If you want optimal airflow via the top of the case, you can also leave out the mesh completely. This does have the disadvantage of dust settling in your case more easily; therefore we would not recommend this. At the top of the removable front panel we also find the power- and reset button, a microphone- and headphone connector and two USB 3.0 Type A connectors. 

Fractal Design Meshify C Window edition

The Meshify C will be available in two different versions. We tested the Tempered Glass Edition which of course comes with a tempered glass side panel. The manual shows us that another version with metal side panel and perspex window will be available. The tempered glass side panel of the version we tested has black edges that remove the mounting points and sides of the case from view. 

Fractal Design Meshify C Window edition

Aside from these design points, the Meshify C does not really stand out. The case is made of steel with a black powder coating, colour accents are nowhere to be found. This is fine with us. It gives the case the 'stealthy look,' and by using RGB-lighting you can give it your own twist if you so desire. 

Fractal Design Meshify C Window edition

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Fractal Design Meshify C Tempered Glass Edition

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