21 GeForce GTX 1050's and GTX 1050 Ti's tested: gaming with little ones

Largest comparison test of smaller cards


Hardware.Info Performance Score

The Hardware.Info Performance Score is the arithmetic mean of the results that the graphics cards achieved in the game-benchmarks. Because the Full HD-benchmarks often do not scale as well because of the high framerates, we have a 1080p as well as 4k Performance Score for these cards

The fastest GeForce GTX 1050 comes from Gigabyte, followed closely by the cards from ASUS and MSI. Remarkable is the good performance of the GTX 1050 V2 OC, which is very affordable, while still offering excellent performance. The performance difference between the fastest and slowest 1050 is only about 10 percent. It's also worth noting that the slowest GTX 1050 is more expensive than the fastest!

Then we have the GTX 1050 Ti's. This time, ASUS wins in terms of performance, however the flagship models from Gigabyte and MSI also perform well. The model from KFA2 is so slow that the fastest normal 1050 managed to beat it - a good reason to avoid this card.

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